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The Number One Reason Why Some Men Lose Interest In Women After Sleeping With Them

The power of a woman to attract a man is something quite mysterious. 'Magical' is the word I will use here. A woman's body is alluring, incredibly attractive, and powerfully magnetic. It pulls a man like sugar calls out to ants and it is not surprising that men often lust after women when they see them.

However, as magical as a woman's power to attract a man is, the thrill fades for many men when they have finished sleeping with the ladies. Over the years, we have heard complaints about how men dumped some women after sleeping with them. The term for this is 'use and dump' or 'chop and clean mouth' in local parlance.

There are many reasons for this 'chop and clean mouth' situation where men lose interest in women after sleeping with them. However, I will be concentrating on what I consider to be the major reason for this.


Does this word come across as a cliche? Well, I'm here to tell you that it is absolutely one of the biggest reasons why men lose interest in women after luring them into bed. The truth is any man who loses interest in a woman after getting into bed with her was only infatuated with her. He saw her body and it looked so appealing that he decided to get some slice of it.

An infatuated man does not think straight. The only thing he thinks if is how to get into the lady's pants and at such times, he can become very creative, coming up with different ways of luring her into bed. His infatuated thoughts set his body on fire and an urgent need to get romantic with the woman he has in his mind.

Because of the way he feels, he will often mistake his infatuation for love. A man who is infatuated will think he is in love with the woman he is infatuated with. He will shower her with all forms of gifts and end up making the woman feel like she is also in love. Eventually, they will get in bed and make love and that is when the scales will fall off.

When an infatuated man sleeps with the woman he has been dreaming about, he will suddenly regain his senses and it will become clear to him that he was never interested in her in the first place. He never wanted her in his life. He was only drawn to the curves on her body and the sweetness of her facial beauty.

To be sure that you are not infatuated with a woman, ask yourself certain questions before trying to sleep with her. Ask yourself whether you see her in your life a year from that point. Visualize her as a wife. Does she fit into your 'ideal wife' list? Can you look at her and be pleased that she is the mother of your children?

Ask yourself those questions and if your answer is yes, then you can be sure that your love is genuine. If not, my brother, you are only infatuated. And the scales in your eyes will fall off once you sleep with her.

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