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15 important life lessons every Adult/teenager should know about

we all don't want to live a life of regret (my self included) but there some little things that if not being checked and corrected, chances of us living a life of regret, will be high. No body wants to be regarded as a failure. Nobody wants to have alot of regrets in the future due to lack of correcting little things..

Whitout further due, here are the 15 life lessons:

1. Don't be too generous.

2. Never have a girlfriend while you are struggling..

3. Don't live beyond your means.

4. Don't have girl friend at a young age

5. A man should be strong emotionally.

6. Never date a single mother.

7. Never accept a cheating girlfriend back.

8. Have multiple source of income.

9. Never close your mouth, you never can tell who would help you.

10. Your condition is not worse.

11. You yourself is the most important thing, family comes second.

12. Don't invest in business you don't know "ins and "out"

13. Learn a skill no matter what.

14. Don't trust people easily.

Lastly, prayer works.

What are your thoughts on this? Feel free to add yours in the comment down below.

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