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8 signs that clearly show she will be yours unless you are not ready for a relationship.

When a girl loves, she will show it in so many ways because is hard for girls to hide feelings when they are truly in love.

With these few clues I want to drop, you will for sure know if a girl is beginning to like you or not; mostly guys who hardly notice when a girl is in love with them.

However, here are some clear signs you will notice if she likes you:

(1). She will remember every detail of your previous conversations with her. Mostly things pertaining to relationships.

(2). She cancels some of her daily schedules just to be with you.

(3). She tries to impress you as much as he can.

(4). She finds it hard to stand on her "NO" when you insist on something.

(5). She doesn’t mention another guy whenever she is around you.

(6). She ignores some calls when you guys are on a date.

(7). She is always by your side in hard times. She always shows concern.

(8). How does she treat other guys? if she treats you differently or better, then she really likes you a lot.

It will be hard for a girl who is not bold enough to open her amount to confessing she loves you, that's why most girls, by their activities whenever they are around you_you will understand they like you unless you are not ready to go into any relationship at the moment.

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