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If my ex can do this to me, I will never love again.(Fiction)

My ex Prince was my best definition of a companion. His kind words, his physique, he is fair, handsome and tall with amber blue eyes that see through my depths and a pointed nose like that of the daffodils. I was so into him as much he was into me.

Being a family friend to my family I could not help but feel his words were so true when he confessed his feelings for me and I had an assurance that my heart was in safe hands. Prince was an industrious young man and his business was moving fine even on social media he was the center of attraction as most ladies comment on how good looking he is.

My instincts kept telling me had cockroaches in his cupboard by I waved it away. I couldn’t help the feeling of insecurity I had over him so I decided to grab the bull by its horn so I called him over the phone and asked him if he has someone else but he denied it and swore with his great grand father’s gray head that he would love and be with me alone. On hearing his words my heart was elated and I loved him even more but it was all a scam.

On that faithful day I visited him unannounced because I wanted to surprise him, I knocked at the door twice but no response and I listened carefully only to hear voices giggling, I presumed it was my ex and his friend so I opened the door to see for my self. I opened the door only to see another girl on top of my supposed heart beat playing love and laughing, I died a thousand times as I stood there as hot tears of pain and anguish rushed down cheeks.

I have been a fool all this while, love is scam.

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