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Husband and wife relationship

Submission of wives to their husbands

The issue of wives submitting to their husbands can be seen at various angles as it relates to each person from different works of life.

According to the Bible, a man must mature before he can be able to take a wife. That wife therefore must also be a good one before it can be seen as finding a favour from the sight of God - the founder of the marriage institution itself.

For the wife to be a good one, she must have been taught well and for that to be, she must come from a well-cultured and a God fearing family.

In the ancient times before now, we heard that before a man could desire to get a wife, the family background of such a wife must be known and investigated in order to be able to know if such a wife would be seen as a favour being found from God to the husband.

Thereafter, all the do's and dont's of the marriage institution would have been highlighted to them especially as it relates to submission. Submission here in marriage is for the wife to listen to whatsoever the husbands says and try to ensure that it is been done. There might be reasons for such not to be taken but such should be discussed extensively and agreed upon before its been done or not done.

Also, the issue of submission differs from one region to another region, from one belief to another believe, from one race to another race and from one ethnic to another ethnic. What one's wife does in submission to her husband may vary from one family to another family, from one ethnic to another ethnic and from one religious believe to another religious believe. What is more important is therefore for the husband to love his wife and be ready to take full responsibilities of his family, possessing all the qualities of a loving husband and in turn the wife would reciprocate with submission, obedience and loyalty.

What is termed as a successful marriage life may not be attributed to total submission as this may vary from one household to the other. The sanctity of marriage should be uphold and observed in order to make it a happily ever after ending.

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