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Opinion: Signs your spouse is keeping something from you

    Here are some things you should notice in your partner, if this sign is done repeatedly it means your partner is keeping something secretive from you, he won't want you to suspect that someone is hiding somewhere, the signs are as follows;

1.They avoid eye contact, they blink too much: when they avoid eye contact with you, your spouse won't want to know or detect something is fishy, he or she will try as much as possible to keep his or her eye away from you.

2.They are worried when you are alone: whenever they are alone, they will be worried because they will want you to be busy doing something so that they won't be caught, so they may think of sending you an errand whenever you are doing nothing, just to keep you busy.

3.They have their poker face on since they knew you can read their face, or they know with their face you can tell them what's going on, so they will be eager to put their serious face on and they wool be serious with it.

4.They involve with work more than usual: they will make sure they are over busy with some stressful work, they will keep being busy and not having your time, they may neglect you totally all in the name of work, meeting, party and so on.

5.They are hard to reach: if your partner is hard to locate, or doesn't tell you about his whereabouts, always suspect him that he's hiding something from you, he will not tell you the location of where he's heading to or his current location.

6.They are overly protective of their phone: they are always busy with the phone, they are extremely busy with playing games on phone, texting emails, or surfing the internet, they will want to neglect you meanwhile not letting you know something is fishy somewhere.


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