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5 Reasons You Shouldn't Get Married

When thinking of getting married, alot of thing need to be taken into consideration. 

Relax and read 5 reasons why shouldn't marry. 

1. If you are not ready to get married


Most married people know they are yet to ready for marriage but still choose to go for it out of peer or parental pressure. 

I know your mates are getting married and you are tired of attending their weddings every Saturday, still you need to be patient until you are ready for it. 

 2. If you can't stick to one partner 

Never try to get married if you are a type that cannot stick to their partner alone. Definitely your marriage will damage in short period of time. 

 3. You want to marry because of money

Obviously, non of us hate money, but it's very risky to get married for the sake of money. 

What you have to consider is that, what if something goes wrong along with your spouse which render him/her broke? Would you pull out from the marriage?  

 4. If you can't take care of your spouse

Never get married to someone you are not ready to take care of. Marriage is a game of give and take, if you only wish is to be receiving and not also giving, then don't go for marriage. 

 5. If you are uncompromising 

You have to ready to always compromise with your spouse before thinking of marriage. No gentle man/lady would like to live thier life with a terrible heart partner. 

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