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Tattoos That Can Make People Mistake You For Who You Are Not

There are different things ladies and guys do to look more attractive. One of these things is tattoos. Both males and females can tattoo their body and it is done on different parts of the body. The fact that people own their body and they can do what they like on it should not make you forget that, if you apply a controversial tattoo, you may be misunderstood be seen as who you are not.

There are tattoos that may not be good for you because of the connotative meaning they may have when people see them. There is a saying that the way you dress is the way you will be addressed. It can also mean, the way you appear (including the tattoos on your body) is the way you will be addressed.

Symbols have more meaning than it appears, when you place a controversial tattoo on your body, the people around you can mistake you or you can attract those who see such as their symbol. It may not go well between the two of you.

Below are some symbols you may have to think twice before tattooing them on your body if you don't want to be misunderstood for who you are not.

1. Axe tattoo. Picture Credit:

It is believed that a cult known as the black Axe makes use of the Axe logo as their symbol. So it will be good if you avoid tattooing it on your body in this part of the world since you only want to look good. Making an Axe tattoo on your body can make the member of this group or other group think like you are one of the group. Also, the security agent may mistake you to be one of the groups in case of cultism crises, and you may need a lot of explanations to prove your innocence.  

2. All eye symbol tattoos. Picture Credit: Pinterest

All eye symbol seems to be the most controversial symbol in today's modern world. The symbol is a combination of an eye located inside a triangle with rays of light. Although this symbol is seen as an eye of the God that watches people when people think no one is seeing them. But it has been seen as having a connection with Illuminati by some people.

Picture Credit: Tattoo-parlor

In history, it was believed that the first people to use this Eye was Egyptians who believed that the eye was the eye of Horus. (A God responsible for providing good health and protection for the people). So back in the day, it was seen as a religious symbol. But today, it has been linked to more things. Although you can make a tattoo of this symbol on your body base on the reasons best known to you. But those who see this as having a connection with the devil may misunderstand you.

3. Tattooing snake on your body. Picture Credit: Tattoo-journal

This may not be a bad idea and it may be obvious that you only choose it for the reason best known to you. But some sets of people may not be able to feel free with you because they may read more meanings to it. Especially if you are a lady, the tattoo may add beauty to you in your own way but it may not in the sight of some people. You may see some men shouting the blood of Jesus if you tattoo snake on your stomach, back, or upper arms and he gets to see it for the first time. Some men may not feel comfortable.

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