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5 Ways to Express your anger to your partner without using words

When we get angry, especially at our partner, it is often easier to just pour out our anger on them and not care how they feel. However, soon enough, we learn that our outburst has done more harm than good, and so we try to remedy what we've done.

This could be avoided if you try alternative means of showing your partner that you're angry without actually saying it.

1. Silence:

It is better to remain silent when you're mad at your spouse than to say words you'd regret.

2. Send a text:

If you know confrontation might be risky, you could send a text to show you're angry.

3. Facial gestures:

Sometimes, your face can go a long way to communicate your anger without you voicing it out. Your partner can understand and act accordingly.

4. One Word Replies:

Giving your partner one word replies will reveal to them that you are unhappy with them.

5. Not responding as usual:

When you don't respond to your partner in your usual cheery way or manner, they will know that you are not happy.

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