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10 ways of making the right choice in marriage

1. Love : don't settle with the person that only like you, settle with the person that loves you. What can you do will someone who only like you but don't love you? How far can you jonurey in life with such a person?

2. Loyalty : don't settle with the person who can't be loyal to you or you can't be loyal to, hey don't try it.

3. Wisdom : Avoid foolish people, you have a great future ahead of you, a future to build through your marriage but you can't do this alone so therefore you need a wise partner that should assist you achieving your goals.

4. submission : if either of the both partners are not ready to submit to each other in oneness and truth the purpose of marriage can't be achieved.

5. Transparency : You need a partner who can be transparent, who is very open minded.

6. Virtue: A virtuous partner to excel in all spheres of life, who will not have a fleshly gratification.

7. Suitability : A partner suitable to accomplish your God-given abilities not a person who can ruin your your destiny.

8. Patience : you need a patient partner to stay with you in good and bad times, very important watch out!

9. humbleness: It is not everyone that can be humble, you need an humble partner to be elevated. Proud people don't last!

10. God's will: it is very important to marry the will of God for marriage because in marriage it is not just the two of you God is included so marrying out of his will could be dangerous!

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