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Islam permits a woman to leave her marriage if she is not satisfied sexually –Nyma (VIDEO)

Nyma, one of the hosts of the popular programme on TVC, 'Your views', has revealed that Islam permits a woman who is not satisfied sexually by her husband to leave her marriage for another if she pleases.

According to her, it is one of the grounds established by Islam that a woman can seek a divorce from her husband.Nymat made this known while discussing the need for husbands to understand their wife's feelings.

She dwells more on the fact that women just as men have sexual rights and deserve to be met instead of shaming them for seeking what should naturally be done.

"If I'm married to a Muslim man and he is not sexually fulfilling me, the marriage can be broken, so I can get married to a person who can sexually fulfill me, it is a ground in Islam" Nyma maintained.

I think it's high time all men begin to see the need to understand the feelings and emotional needs of their wives and get them fulfilled.

You shouldn't make a list of how a woman should satisfy you and expect her not to have her preference. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. 

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