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Opinion:See These Three (3) Abusive Words That Are Very Dangerous In Romantic Relationship

Love is not enough in romantic relationship. We must understand our fiancé and fiancee during our romantic relationship. We must becareful with our emotional assertions especially when we are angry.

Some of the abusive assertions are:

1. You Are A Fool: You cannot marry a fool. Calling your fiance or fiancee a fool is foolishness itself. We must decease from from such alterations of labering our lovers as fools when we are angry. It is abusive to call your friend a fool.

2. You Are An Illiterate: It is higher level of illiteracy to call your fiance or fiancee an illiterate person. Is a higher level of direspect to call him or her an illiterate that will destroy your relationship.

3.You Are The Same With Other Women or Men: This is another abusive words. You cannot compare your fiancee or fiance with other mannerless and disrespectful men and women outside there. We ought to understand them and relate with them based on the uniqueness of their personalities and difference!

Avoiding those words will save your relationship. What is your opinion?

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You Are A Fool You Are An Illiterate


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