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After 22 years of marriage , she dumped her husband and kids to live with rich man

I greet you brothers and sisters in the name of God almighty, please if you have an advice for this man seeking from concern readers about a woman he married for 22 years that left him to marry a wealthy married man.

He shared his ugly experience when things changed when he lost his job while he was still living in the Northen part of Nigeria before he decided to relocate to Lagos Nigeria. As a result, he was able to secure a federal government job and decided to move his wife and kids to join him in lagos.

As a religious woman, his wife later opened a church and was recieving numerous gift from people among who was a rich uniform man that gift her a brand new Toyota sienna car.

The drama started when the man, had issues with his wife because of change in attitude and later divorce the husband to be with the wealthy military man with the backing of her family especially the, but the father was totally against it.

The man was advice by friends, colleagues, and his own family to marry another wife which will enable him take care of his six children, but he is confused about the whole incident.

He needs advice from concern readers what you would do if you were in his shoes please drop your advice for him, he is reading this post

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