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6 Husband Duties You Should not do as a Boyfriend While Dating a Lady.

Most ladies sees relationships this days as a source of income. They virtually bestow all their financial responsibilities on a man simply because they are dating.That notion is illogical and wrong. This is 21st century and responsibilities in relationships should be shared equally, between the man and the woman. Moreover women are fighting for equality.

Both men and women ought to contribute equally to the growth of the relationship. Most men are being emotionally blackmail into carrying out duties of a husband while dating a lady. There are husband duties you should not do as a boyfriend as a boyfriend while dating a lady. These duties are:

1.Paying all her Bills. 

Taking care of your bills as a lady is your sole responsibility. You are just doing what is required of you as an adult. If you have a man who isn't your husband and he is paying your bills, please have it in mind he is doing it out of his kind heart and not an obligation. A woman becomes a man responsibility financially when she is married to him. 

2.Sponsoring her Education. 

The act of a men sponsoring their girlfriends education, is common with men from the eastern part of nigeria. Unfortunately some of these girl being sponsored by their boyfriends end up ditching them. As a man sponsoring a lady who isn't your wife, should be a choice or out of your kind heart. And not an obligation, simply because you are dating her. Her education is her parents responsibility except in the case where they are not financially buoyant, you can step in for them, if you are capable. 

3.Paying her Siblings Schools. 

Some men are not just blackmail into paying their girlfriend school fee but with that of their girlfriends siblings too. I heard of a story where a man was told to pay his girlfriend siblings school fees for three years. He was asked to paid the school fees as part the traditional rites, in getting married to their daughter. That act is barbaric and wrong. I don't think there is any tradition that warrant that. The question here is, what if the lady leaves the man for another man? I advise men to always look before they leap. Paying your girlfriend siblings school fees should be your personal decision and not something you are force to do. 

4.Paying her House Rent. 

There is no place it is written in a country law or the holy book, where a man must pay a woman house rent when she isn't his wife. Most women want to be treated equally with a man, they called it feminism. But when it comes to financial responsibility they tend to shy way. As a lady, paying your house rent is your responsibility and not that of your boyfriend. 

5.Tolerating her Bad Habits. 

Most women tend to hide their bad habits while dating their boyfriend. But it is said " a zebra can't hide his spots". Most men tend to be nonchalant about their girlfriend habits and tend to be blinded by love. As a boyfriend you are at liberty to either leave that relationship or marry the lady. Unless she is already your wife, don't tolerate her bad habits. It's understandable if a husband is condoling his wife bad attitude. But condoling a woman bad habits should not be apply to a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship. 

6.Telling Her your Secrets.

Is as much as it is very important to be open to your girlfriend while dating her,it is dangerous to tell her your deepest secrets. Unless you have made her your wife, keep your deepest secrets to yourself. Except if keeping the secret will be of danger to her. It's a duty of a husband to tell his wife all his secrets because by the virtue of their marriage they are one. A boyfriend is not in any obligation to tell his girlfriend all his secrets.

This article is solely my opinion, it's therefore open to contributions and criticism.

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