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Dangerous Things Wives Should Never Do To Their Husbands

When I visited a couple sometime ago, I saw what I love so much. The way the husband and the wife were living, it's amazing. I quickly desired to enjoy such a relationship. When the food was ready, the wife didn't eat but waited for her husband who was taking his bath in the bathroom. They eat together. The wife was very humble and respectful. I can't say it all. Something shocking happened few days after my visit.

While at home few days after I visited them, I was told they seperated. This was something difficult for me to believe but that was what exactly happened. I have never thought something like this will happen to that family. The most painful aspect of it is that the issue that lead to their separation was a minor one. The wife was arrogant and couldn't concur with her husband's suggestion. This shocked me.

Some couples cover their ordeals when in public but when at home, they live their lives - conflicts always. This was exactly the issue with the couple I visited. Enough of that! Have knowledge on how to enjoy your marriage and apply it - stop living in pain. If your marriage is already a sweet one, then read what you shouldn't do as a wife so as to prevent any evil from peeping into your house in this article.

May I ask you? Do you know that many couples that are enduring their marriage relationship are doing it because they don't know how to make their marriage a heaven on earth? Are you still unable to see how many wives are destroying their families unknowingly? Don't you also see how many couples are enduring in marriage? Marriage is not made to be endured but to be enjoyed. You must do your own part if you must enjoy your marriage.

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In this article, we have carefully outlined very crucial things that every wife should hate doing in order to maintain a good marital relationship. We advice that every wife to be humble, read careful and adjust her life by proposing to do the needful. Pay the price and enjoy your sacrifice by having a enviable marriage in your locality. Here are the thinks you should never do as a husband;

1) Don't put anything before your husband

Some wives feel it is stressful to put off their gas cooker, attend to their husband and return later to continue their cooking. Doing this is not wasting time but good in building a good marriage. You must treat him as a king otherwise you will have a dysfunctional family.

Never put your business, job, friends, housework before your husband. Always be available to attend to him when he needs you.

2) Don't dishonuor your husband

If you don't value the suggestion, advice and instructions of your husband, you don't honour him. Honour him and you will enjoy him.

3) Don't use sex to bargain with your him

Any wife that knows what marriage is will never try this. You know that your body belongs to your husband; he enjoys sex so let him have it when he desires. It's wrong to use sex as a means to get something from your husband - prostitutes do it.

4) Never make your husband earn your respect

You should respect your husband unconditionally.

5) Don't expect him to meet every of your needs

The dreamy expectations of some wives aren't achievable. Don't expect your husband to meet every of your expectation.

6) Never correct your husband in front of your children, relatives, friends or anyother person.

7) Never insist on your own way. You may be wrong sometimes.

8) Stop thinking your husband will fail or treat you like your father treat your mother.

9) Stop taking the position of your husband in your family.

10) Never reveal your husband's weakness to anyone nor compare him with anyone out there.

What other things do you think wives should stop doing? Write it in comment box.

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