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How to identify a married man without his wedding ring.

In our society today, many married men have become quite crafty when it comes to their relationship, devising several means of concealing their relationship status. Now it would be very difficult to spot who is who, because most of them go around without their rings.

We’ve figured out ways to help ladies distinguish between a married man and a single man even without their wedding rings. Here are some of them;

1. They are always discreet: they hardly post a photo of themselves online, always claiming to stay low-key.

2. The ring stripe on his finger: If a man has been married long enough you will notice a patch of light skin on his finger, whether he puts on his ring or not. He might even remove it and put on another finger to make you feel it's just a random ring. Always make sure you look out for it. 

3. He acts too nice: This is rare among single guys, it's a proven fact that men who are engaged are approximately a thousand times nicer to women they're trying to cheat with. They are so good with compliments.

4. He only sends texts: if a man constantly communicates with you through text, he is a suspect. When you call him at night, and he doesn't pick up, texting back instead, just know that his wife is around.

5. Claims to be homeless : If he always insists on going back to your place, instead of his, then he is definitely married, sometimes they even lie that they still live with their parents.

6. Quick to deny status: when you ask him if he’s married and he’s too quick to say no, then just know he is already taken.

If you strictly abide by these observations, it would be difficult for any man to descive you.

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