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2 Things You Should Not Tolerate From Your Boyfriend No Matter How Much You Love Him

One beautiful thing about most ladies is, once they are genuinely in love with a man, they can go to any posible length to prove their love to the man in question. One of the best things that can happen to any man in life is to have a lady that sincerely loves him. Sadly, though, sometimes, after finding a lady that fits into the above description, some men would misbehave and take advantage of the said ladies.

As a lady, inasmuch you may love a man from here to the moon and back, and have the willingness to step on fire, cross bridges to please him, there are some given things that you should not condone from a man come what may. Tolerating those things will make you vulnerable to be taken advantage of in the future if your relationship eventually end in marriage.

It is okay to be tolerant towards some flaws of the man you are in a dating relationship with, considering the undeniable fact that no one is perfect. However, do NOT tolerate the following things from him:

1. Beating / Domestic Violence (DV).

You see, most of the problems people face in marriage could have been avoided if they had not gotten married in the first place. He hit you once when you were dating, you ignored. He did it again the second time but this time, he was more fierce and violent, you ignored, still. He repeated it the third time, you ignored again. That didn't give you a signal that he is a prospective wife beater. Having tolerated those actions, you finally got married and your beautiful face has been turned into a punching bag. Out of pain, all you could say is, "he was never like that before; he had never punched you before. What about the repeated slaps? Enduring beating from a man you are dating regardless of the angle it may be displayed is indirectly telling him that you love being beaten. Reminder that, bad habit dies had.

2. Cheating.

You caught him cheating during dating relationship. He apologized that it won't happen again , you accepted and forgave him. After all, he is not the only one that has cheated before. Your love for him could not allow you to leave him. He even promised you that he will change once you get married to him.

You finally got married. After few months, he started keeping late nights. Each time you complain, he will give excuse of road traffic. He has been doing it in your matrimonial bed until one day, you entered into the house unexpectedly and meet him with another woman. Now your are crying? Do you know it would not had gotten to the point where you would be shedding tears in your marriage because of cheating, if you had listened to the voice of reason and let go of the relationship.

Even though it is good to be understanding and tolerating in a relationship, there should be a limit. Don't accept everything all in the name of love. No, don't do so because you may regret it later

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