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Love Story: Nigerian Man Wedded His Wife After Giving Her 3 Rings

On very rare occasions, we meet the woman we love, I must tell you that regardless of how long it took to meet her again, the love will continue to be in our hearts and even grow stronger. Her image and the first moment you met her will keep replaying in your mind. Well, that's your mind's way of reminding you of her.

In this article, I will be sharing the love story of a young Nigerian man, Josh, and his lovely wife, Laura. The couples recently got married and their wedding photos were shared on the internet a few days ago. What caught my attention when I came across this couple's lovely wedding photos was the romantic way Josh assured his love for Laura before they walked down the aisle.

Josh met Laura at the Assemblies and Conventions of Jehovah's Witnesses. There was something about Laura that settles his spirit (love at first sight I guess). Although it took him (Josh) a very long time to approach Laura and got to know her. According to him, it was two of his friends who saw how much he loves her that approached her on his behalf. Fast forward to 2021, Josh revealed that he proposed to Laura twice and gave her three rings before they finally did their wedding. I know that you must be curious about what those rings stand for, check it out below.

The first ring was to keep her for himself. Well, it can be said that Josh wanted to allow the bond between them to grow stronger before making a courageous move. However, to assure his love for her, he gave her a ring that signifies his true feelings towards her.

The second ring was to show her that he will never stop loving her, and lastly, the third ring was specifically made for her to show that he would do anything for her.

The good thing is that Josh kept those promises as they are now joined in the holy matrimony. See their wedding photos below.

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Source: BellaNaija/Instagram

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