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Dreams And Nightmare Interpretations: This Should Be Your Guide

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Not every bad dream is demonic as people use to think. Not every nightmare has a spiritual connotations as people believe.

No doubt, dreams have spiritual and physical connotations and meaning in the life of every individual. But my point is, not all of them call for actions. Before we pin a dream to any meaning, there are things we need to consider.

A dream according to dictionary; "is a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person's mind during sleep".

From time immemorial, God has been revealing things to His subjects. These revelations are mostly gotten through dreams. But before you give interpretations to any dreams, you should know this fact about dreams.

"Dreams are made up of flashes of thoughts and images from your waking life: what you ate for lunch, a phone call you made during the day, the movie you watched before bed".

In addition, dreams are also made up of the last thought you had before bed time.

I believe in this facts about dreams. What you do or think in your waking life are parts of what always replay in your dreams.

My younger brother does not eat the head and legs of a chicken. Each time he ate them, he would have a nightmare where he was being pursed in a forest by the same chicken head and legs. This dream does not need special spiritual interpretation. He has stopped eating the chicken parts and he never had the dream anymore.

My friend who is married for 9 years told me she always have sexual encounter in her dreams each time her husband made unsuccessful sexual move in the middle of the night. She also said she has never seen the face of the dream visitor.

The struggles she has with her husband in the nights repeat in her dreams. But someone has misinterpreted it as a marine husband.

A lady who is suspecting her partner of cheating on her. If she thinks seriously about it before going to bed. She may end up dreaming about catching her partner with another woman.


*If you had a dream about sexual encounter, check your previous day thoughts and activity. Did you make any physical move for sex? Did anyone make sexual advances to you?

Did you read or watch an erotic series?

*If you see a dead relative in the dream? Did you think or discuss about the person recently?

*You had a nightmare. What movies did you see recently? What have you been watching in your phone?

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This is what you should know first about your dream before running to prayer house. This is what should help you to interpret your dreams accurately.

Last tonight, I had a nightmare. I saw snakes all over my room. I was running from them throughout the dream. But anywhere I ran to, I saw them.

When I woke this morning, I wasn't perturbed about the dream.

In fact, I told myself that I should see more snakes because I spent the whole night watching snakes challenge in "NAt Geo Wild"; a wild animal channel in Gotv.

Some dreams and nightmare are actually the replay of what we did or thought of in the wake life.

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