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7 Good Reasons Why Your Boyfriends Always Dump You

There are lots of reasons that always make boyfriend dump girls not that they didn't love their girlfriend but there are some habits that makes them just develop the hatred that lead to break up.

Some of the break up in relationship is cause by ladies,some are not from men,70% of the break up do cause because of the reason I decided to share with you,i will share some of the points with you today and I want you to correct me were i do wrong.!

1.Opening your legs easily for him.

A man always has a mindset that when a girl opens her legs to him easily, there's always a chance that she does that to some other men as well. It is the main explanation why some guys are dumping ladies.

2. Over hanging out with other guys.

Men are often tempted to suggest that women who always hang out with other men cheat on them. Beside this, most of the men like me are jealous, they hate to see their gfs hanging with other people.

3. Lack of care.

A lot of guys want you (girls) at the moment they need you. Yet the propensity to say "I 'm busy, busy" makes their minds think in other ways. Ladies please you need to look at this.

4. Over asking for money.

You know, a lot of guys don't have a good job. Now just imagine that you've ever asked him for money every time. Tell me what could happen if you weren't dumped.?

5. Lack of self respect.

Many people also have a childish tag here. Sometimes when they're in public, they don't respect themselves. Your boy friend is now, and has always been, ashamed of your actions. Even if it's me, I'm just going to let u go.

6. Being too dull.

Women, though some of you are obviously boring, but at least do your hardest. Your boyfriends are the ones who really care about you. Just imagine the kind of scenario that your boyfriend plans and talk of starting from what you're eating, what you're dressing up, etc. Men are now searching for tough ladies because they still think those girls are still growing.

7. Dirtiness.

Now you ladies, if even ironing clothes you put on one you can not, your armpits are still smelling, you put on clothes two or three times. To be honest, one of these guys today can tolerate such a girl.?

With these and others that are not included are the some of the reasons why your boyfriend's always dumped you and you will be surprised if where the issues came from.

You can still work on these and more.

Thanks for reading.

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