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Guys 7 Ways To Win A Girl's Heart If You Don't Have Money

Do you have a lady you're crushing on but you feel her class is higher than yours, and you can't make her fall for you because you don't have money? Well you're in luck today, I'm going to show you ways you can get a girl even if you don't have money.

In Nigeria today tell someone you like this girl and the first question they might ask you is, "do you have money"? And if maybe you're struggling or not yet financially buoyant you'd probably lose interest. If that has been the case for you I'm here to offer you a solution.

Here is what you need to do;

1. Be confident in yourself

This is a secret most guys don't know. Ladies like confident men, and the feel more safe around a man who is confident no matter the situation.

You don't need to have money to be confident, be confident in your ability to sweep her off her feet with your wits.

2. Show her respect

Some girls don't know how to respect women, because you have money you think you can disrespect them and they'd fall for you? It's a lie they won't, so guys even if you don't have money show her respect, I don't mean you should behave like a slave in front of her, just know your boundaries and what you can and cannot do.

3. Be intelligent/smart

Being smart/intelligent is a bonus point for anyone on a regular day but it's also an important requirement you need in getting your dream girl. When you can help her make smart decisions and help her out especially in her school work, she'd feel more appropriative to you.

4. Have a good sense of humor

How would you not know how to make a lady laugh? No one likes a boring person, you need to be able to lighten up the situation with some quick and sweet humor that can keep the conversation going.

5. Smell nice

You don't need money to smell nice, wash your clothes have a good bath, get yourself a nice perfume and see how your scent would change and your presence would be felt, girls might not tell you this, but alot of them like guys that scent well.

6. Be a good dresser

Because you don't have money doesn't mean you should be wearing rags, get yourself some decent cloths but in effort in your dressing. Look, your dressing sends message to people make sure to send a good message to her with your dressing, don't dress anyhow, she won't like it and in essence won't like you too.

7. Have plans for a better future

Just because you don't have money now doesn't mean you won't have money in the future, make sure you tell her and let her know you have a solid plan to make money in the nearest future, by doing this she would believe you actually want to better yourself and can give you a chance at dating her.

If you can have these 7 things, you can get the woman you want if you're really determined

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