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When Your Wife Is On Her Period, Here Are 3 Helpful Things You Can Do For Her As A Man

When a woman is on her period, there are lots of hormonal changes inside of her at such moments and this could lead to her doing a number of things that wouldn't be on a normal day. Understanding the type of woman you are with and how her's will deal with her will help the both of you live happily. Also, there are things you as a man could do for her at such periods to show care and love, this article shall talk about 3 of them.

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1. Be open to understand her.

If you already know when, I mean what part of the month her period normally falls into, you should be ready and should expect some attitudes that would come as a result of mood swings that would follow emotional changes. Do not take most of the things she does at such periods personally.

2. Do not allow her take the wrong diets.

There are foods that are advisable for women on their periods and there are also others not advisable for such periods. Foods with high soda content are capable of making cramps worse if she is the type that experiences menstrual cramps. Examples of such foods would include soft drinks. 

Also, cold drinks would cause a constriction in the blood vessels and this will make blood flow less smooth, promoting cramps.

Do not allow her to eat such things when on her period. 

3. Encourage her to feed on the right diets.

The right diets include hot water to make blood flow smoother, foods rich in iron to help increase blood counts and replenish those she must have lost through bleeding, such foods include leafy vegetables. In cases of bloating that would accompany menstruation in some ladies, foods rich in fibre can be of help. Examples of such foods include apples.

Encourage her to eat such foods and ensure she stays away from the wrong ones.

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