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Signs you are chasing him and why you need to stop

Look back on your history of dating, specifically instances when a guy stopped texting you or lost interest and try to identify whether you chased him or not. By chasing him, I’m referring to the following behavior – 

  • Double texting him all the time.
  • Constantly complimenting him in hopes of getting his attention.
  • Texting and calling him to meet even when he blows you off. 
  • Commenting and liking all of his social media posts to win brownie points.

These behaviors usually present themselves in situations when you are the pursuer and chaser. 

On one hand, it’s perfectly normal for a girl to text and call up a guy more than he does, provided that he has an active interest in her and the courtship is going well.

That’s perfect.

It simply means that the two of you can’t get enough of each other.

But, when this behavior is completely isolated to one party, that usually represents an imbalance in the level of attraction and interest between the parties involved.

As a guy, I can tell you with certainty that we will make an effort to text, call or meet you if there’s a base level of interest.

You will not find us ignoring your texts regularly, answering with one-word answers, not flirting with you, being cold and not asking you out if we actually want to be with you.

All of these are considered signs that a guy doesn’t like you, is angry with you or has lost interest with you.

Either way, they’re not good.

If you have picked up on these signs and your response has been to act like nothing’s wrong or to chase after him, then that tells me that you don’t understand the semantics of this situation.

Apart from him being angry with you, the other two issues call for self intervention. 

By this, I mean that you have to face reality and accept that this situation is not going well and you need to back off.

If you keep chasing him with texts and calls or social media activity, it will keep pushing him away and it will drive you crazy because you are investing so much of yourself into winning him back.

By doing more, you’re accomplishing less and investing so much that it’s becoming harder for you to walk away.

The problem is that not walking away temporarily is adding more fuel to the fire.

It’s making the situation worse. 

I know it seems counterintuitive to stop texting him right now but trust me when I tell you that attraction is not clear-cut and so logical.

Okay, so, I’m hoping by now that I’ve helped you recognize the signs he lost interest, why he lost interest and the signs that you are chasing him.

Additionally, I hope that you understand why it is imperative that you back off and not text him because he will text you.

Content created and supplied by: Oj91 (via Opera News )


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