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Dear Ladies, Here Are Three Ways To Make Your Man Trust You More

Trust is one of the most important building blocks of becoming more intimate with someone. It is a must for any strong relationship. If your man doesn't trust you, the relationship might be heading to a crash. In this article, you will learn things to do to build trust with your man.

1. Say only things you can do: Distrust doesn't happen in a day; it is a result of accumulated lies. When you don't keep to your words, you have opened the room for doubt in your partner's mind. If you want your man to trust you more, don't say things you can't follow through on. The things you call small lies might become chronic and will make the other person not depend on you. 

2. Be vulnerable: You can't gain trust by not going deep in conversations. When you are afraid of sharing some secrets about yourself with your man, the relationship might just be shallow. In relationships, we build trust by being open to vulnerability. Building trust entails that you open up for the possibility of being hurt. When you are not being opened, your partner always knows.

3. Respect him: Making Your Man feel less important by belittling and disrespecting him is another way to build distrust. When you demean your man, you are harming the connection between you and him. When you don't respect him, he will lose trust in you.

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