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For Men: 7 Ways To Keep Your Woman To Yourself, And Make Her Love You More

Any man who wants to protect his woman and keep her to himself alone, should apply the below listed tips, and surely, your woman will stick to you alone and love you endlessly.

1. Always Treat Her With Love and Care: Treating her with love and care will prove you so much adore her, which will give her more assurance to stick to you. Most ladies value men who value them, so if you truly want to keep your woman, show her that love and care at all times.

2. Always Give Her Your Attention and Time: Pay good attention to her in general. Everything about her should be given attention, both her health, her well-being, and even her opinion in your discussions. Don't ever look down on your woman for any reason because women don't love it, when their man looks down on them.

Make out time from your days, to spend with her. Keep her company, accompany her to anywhere she wants to go. Ladies enjoy it when their man accompanies them to walk around or errands. 

3. Do Not Try To Criticize Your Woman: No woman feels happy if she is being criticized, rather if you want to correct her, do it with love instead of criticism. 

4. Always Check Up on Her: When you don't check up on your woman, and another man does that for you, your woman is at a high risk of falling for that person. So make sure you don't assume she is fine at all times, do call her and ask if she has eaten, what she is doing, if she has taken her bath and many more. 

Show her love by checking up on her always, this is another way to keep your woman away from other men. 

5. Give Her Numerous Reasons Not To Question Your Love: Giving your woman reasons not to question your loves, starts by been truthful. Women believe if a man loves them, he will never think of saying lies to them at any point, no matter what the issue might be. 

So if you woman sense any atom of lies in you, it's a fast killer to her love for you. So, always stick to the truth as it proves your love to her. 

6. Don't Make Her Feel Sad: When a woman is sad, and you don't care to make her feel good or happy, another man will happily do that for you, and in that period, you are gradually losing your woman to that very man. 

Make sure to always keep your woman happy, so she won't want to get happiness from another person, which might risk your chances of keeping her to yourself. 

7. Take Her Out Once A While: Don't let your woman demand from you to take her out, or else another man will do that for you, and when another man takes up the responsibility, you are risking your woman to him. 

So occasionally, take your woman out on a dinner date, or movie watch. Make her feel loved by showing her round the world, and together with you, she will feel love so greatly and will have no other option than to love you back dearly. 

Try the above listed tips, and you will surely keep your woman to yourself. 

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