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Four Things That Can Destroy Your Marriage If Care Is Not Taken

Four Things That Can Destroy Your Marriage If Care Is Not Taken.

The joy of every Marriage is not just having a peaceful home but also having a lasting marriage, staying together till death do both of you apart.

Most marriages today no longer last long due to one reason or the other. Some of the reasons may be presentable while others may not. But whichever way it is, Marriage is expected to last till death. Afterall, during the alter promise both of you promised to live together till death do you part. 

I have decided to put together some reasons why marriages collapse and how to prevent sure occurrence. 

1. Impatience. 

Some couples could be so impatient that they easily get fed up when expecting the fruit of the womb. In most cases when the family is unable to bear a child, the wife is always the one they believe to be barren, thereby finding ways to end the marriage and eventually marry another wife. Ideally, either of them could be responsible but since the wife is the one to carry the baby, they believe she is the one at fault. This problem has broken a lot of homes today. What every man should do in this kind of situation is to put heads together to seek medical advice and also wait upon the Lord for the right time. 

2. External influence.

Fellow women, hear me and hear me well, if you are married, knows you are married. It is not everyone you should take advice from afterall, you don't know who is not happy about your Marriage.

Many women today have been badly influenced by their friends on how to manage their homes which is mostly in a negative way. How can your fellow woman be telling you to not to let your husband control you and you are taking it as an advice to consider? Some of them are only jealous of your marriage and looking for a way to spoil it for you. When you begin to act according to their advice and it begin to get down on you, they will be laughing behind back so be careful. 

Always know what is right. Stop taking your family problem to your friends in a bid to seek advice if you love and value your marriage.

3. Intolerance.

As a married man and woman, your first Characteristic is "ability to tolerate". If you don't have this Characteristic, there is no way your marriage can last. Instead of the husband and wife not to have it, it is better for one to have it. If the man is able to tolerate the wife, things can still work out. But in a case where both of them do not tolerate each other, then such marrige will not see the end of time. Intolerance leads to constant fight and assault which you know are the killers of marriage. It can easily lead to divorce. Therefore, to remain in peace and as a lovely family, learn to tolerate each other. It is not everything that should get you angry. 

4. Quest for a male child. 

Men today are so desperate to have male Children that even if you give them ten female children they won't value them. Most men won't even see them as children who should go to school because they believe "Female Education ends in the kitchen" which is 100% wrong. I see no reason why men should begin to treat their wife like a piece of rag simply because she is not able to give birth to a male child. If you look at it critically, you will realise that the fault is not even that of the wife in most cases. She only bears the child so I wonder why she should be blamed for not having a male child.

Men, if you don't want to destroy your home, stop hating your wife because of that afterall you don't know if those female children will be your saviour tomorrow. Remember, "What a man can do, a woman can do even better". See all your children as important for the peace of your family. 

Thank you for reading.

Please if you have any contribution please don't hesitate to drop. 

May God bless your home.

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