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4 Signs Your Partner Is Taking Advantage Of You

For a relationship to work out, it should be on equal terms. But some people partners are taking advantage of them in their relationship. In a relationship, you need a partner that cares about you and your welfare.

In this article, we will be revealing to you some signs that your partner is taking advantage of you.

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1) They are unfaithful

What is the point of your relationship if your partner is unfaithful to you? If your partner is cheating on you then it's a clear sign that your partner is only taking advantage of you. Cheating is one of the biggest signs your partner doesn't respect you as a person and he or she is only taking advantage of you.

2) They don't spend enough time with you

Your partner can't always be with you 24/7 but it's ideal for them to always create enough time to spend with you. But if your partner is always claiming to be busy when you need him/her and will only have time when they need you then it's a clear sign your partner is only taking advantage of you in the relationship.

3) They don't ask for your opinion

Your partner should always ask for your opinion on important issues. If your partner is always refusing to ask for your opinion on important issues, then it is a clear sign your partner doesn't respect your opinions, and they feel they are superior to you.

4) They don't ask you for advice

There is no point to be in a relationship if your partner doesn't see you as someone they could seek advice from. Your partner is supposed to be one of the closest people in your life, but they don't seek advice from you thereby making decisions without you.

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