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3 Things You Should Stop Doing to Ladies if You Want To Progress in Life

Have you ever wondered why it seems some guys aren't progressing? Do they always seem to be on the same spot in their career life, relationship life etc.? Sometimes you wonder if they aren't doing enough or they are just sitting there and allowing their time to waste away. Some of these experiences are what happens to men that don't have boundaries especially when it comes to ladies' matters, if you are having girls issues, it would affect every area of your life, that explains why you need to understand boundaries and know what you can and cannot do to ladies if you want to progress in life.

I understand that this topic area has been neglected for a long time, no one is talking about how girl issues could affect your progress in life, and that explains why I've written this article, to enlighten you on the things you should stop doing if you want to progress in life. It's very necessary that you pay attention to these things, as that would determine if things would change for the better or not.

In this article, I will be showing you three things you should stop doing to ladies if you want to progress in life.

1. Stop dating two friends at the same time

This is the first thing you need to stop doing to ladies if you want to progress in life. You have a lot of things that require your attention, time and energy, and those things are what you're supposed to focus on, not finding a way to manipulate two friends by dating them at the same time, just to get down with them and score cheap points among your friends. It's not worth it, if you continue this act, you might end up spending most of your useful years on coitus escapades, which can freeze your progress in all areas of your life.

2. You need to stop being a simp

This is another thing you should stop doing if you want to progress In life, you should stop simping all over the internet or social media pages, trying to sell yourself short for ladies so that you can get down with them. This is a habit that you have to put an end to if you want to progress in life.

3. Begging for their attention

You're a man, and that means you have to be confident and have enough belief in yourself and your abilities, you shouldn't be the one begging for attention from ladies, just because you don't want to feel lonely. That would only affect your progress, as you won't be able to focus on being the best that you can be and maximizing your potentials, instead you'll be finding ways to impress ladies and get them to like you.

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