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3 Steps To Winning Her Heart

It has become a popular saying in Nigeria that if you don't have money, it is almost impossible to win a woman's heart. The recent increase in "yahoo Boys" has not helped as girls obviously prefer a man that can take care of their entire family even if he's still a student[as guys tend to believe].

But today, I've come to tell you that money is not always the key factor to winning a girl's heart. Infact, you even get better girls when you don't win them over with money. Here are a few steps to consider.

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1. Type Of Girl - the type of girl you decide to chase will determine if you need to spend money or not. Most of us want the classy girls who look all glitz and glam, but we all know that those glam don't come cheap. If you want to win a girl over without money, she doesn't have to poor or rich, she just has to be someone you can handle.

2. Be Yourself - because of the recent trend of boys looking all fit and with lots of money, guys have lost confidence in their self when they don't meet up to par. Some even pretend like they are on that level just to win over a girl. The truth is that, if you maintain your level and live like you can afford, you'll definitely get that woman who will love you for you. It is not a common to see an average boy dating a glamorous lady.

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3. Look Nice - when I say maintain your level, I'm not saying you should look all raggedy and tattered. You have to look nice and clean. Not with gold chain and dreaded up hair.... Just do what you can with yourself and dress as best as you can, and you'll find that girl you always wanted. Doesn't matter who she is.

These are the 3 main steps to getting any woman of your choice. Once you can follow these guidelines, chances are... You'll have a very fruitful relationship that people will envy.

Hope you enjoyed and learnt something from this little piece?? 

Content created and supplied by: DateDoctorKels (via Opera News )

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