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See Comments From Ladies Because Of What This Boy Said On Facebook

A Facebook user recently warn and advise guys to stop caring and taking responsibility of their Girlfriend. Since they are still just boyfriend to them and in that case should not play the role of a husband as he claim they owe girls nothing.

A certain girl with the name Moyo then commented asking girls not to treat boys as husband again. And should refuse them sex since they owe them nothing and are yet to be married to them.

In the society we are today stories of how girls sleep over in boys house cook for them, wash their clothes, even spend money on them sometimes is rampant and some at the end get disappointed as the boy may never end up marrying the girl.

In some cases also it happens that a girl may leave a boy as well after giving such girl all the attention and love she deserves.

Here are some comments from boys and girls below

What do you think about this suggestion made above drop your comment. Thank you.

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