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Between monogamy and polygamy, which is best?

Monogamy is the best according to some schools of thought and scholars and better than polygamy. 

Ibn jawzy mentioned in saidul kadir, that polygamy is one of the most harmful acts, because women always target his wishes to comply with their wishes; and over working one's self to be just in sexual relations. Beside, one cannot be free from their disloyalty. So the wise man, marries only one, if she can suffice him and be pleasing him. 

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Someone said to imam Shafi'i 'I wish I can get 400 dirham' 

So Shafi'i asked him 'what will you do with it?'

He said 'I will marry a second wife' 

Shafi'i asked him 'Don't you have a wife?'

He said 'yes'

Shafi'i told him 'One wife gives comfort while two wives give problems, but anyone who think I am wrong, should try it'

However, the companions of Imam Ahmad believed it is sunnah and mustahabb to marry only one (not two) wife.

Imam shubaiti said in mugnil muhtaj vol.4 pg208: Marrying only one wife is the best.

Likewise, Shek Albani said clearly: I will not advise anyone to marry two, without him considering circumstances, if the one wife can fulfil her duties well.

Someone asked shek uthaymeen: I have wealth and thinking of marrying the second wife, so as to save a lady among the unmarried muslim ladies, then I can get reward.

Shek said to him: It is better you find unmarried youth and give him money to marry, in that is double reward. I don't see good in marrying second wife, if the first is fulfilling her duties.

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Ahmad Ibn Shafi'i


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