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Every Married Man Is Guilty Of These 7 Characters.

Some time in marriage, most men forget what they should be doing in order to keep their wives close to themselves especially during pregnancy.

Every Married couple expects children in their marriage and as such, there are challenges that comes with pregnancy and as a man, you are required to be with your loving wife in order for her to conquer this challenge.

1) Some men will abandon their pregnant wife to face the challenges of pregnancy alone. The fact that she is giving you abnormal attitude, change in her body statures and other sudden change in her character is simply because of the pregnancy. Don't abandon her, treat her like a Queen always, especially during this time.

2) Some men will not be near their wives again because she's pregnant, but that is very wrong. This is when she needs your attention, the most, your time to be with her, your care, romance and intimacy. Don't create any gap that will make her to start requesting for any of these things.

3) You will agree with me that it is never easy to carry a pregnancy for complete nine months. The challenges women face during this time is unimaginable, from one challenge to another. Most of the time, the baby will be disturbing her in the night by changing position in her womb. Some time the baby will be playing in her womb, and none of this is an easy thing for the woman. 

This picture is used for illustrative purposes.

Be by her side and proof to her that you love her always. Face the pain with her by encouraging her that the journey is already over. Imagine carefully carrying a full-grown stomach for months. Show her love.

4) Give her the best care she will ever need from you. Help her in doing the house chores. There will be a time she will not be able to bend down well to sweep, wash clothes and cook because of the size of her stomach, during this time you have to assist her to do it.

Don't make her think is an offence to carry your baby. You are responsible for the pregnancy. You are the one that put the seed inside her, so be a responsible man for her.

5) Always don't forget to appreciate her, admire her beautiful appearance with the pregnancy, make her to see more reason to be pregnant again for you.

This picture is used for illustrative purposes.

Whenever she tells you that the baby is disturbing or kicking, hug her, give her a kiss on the stomach, talk and play with the baby because he or she can hear you. Always pray for her that she will have a safe delivery, this will bring down the pressure she is facing with the pregnancy.

6) Be a man, don't forget about your pregnant wife and start going after side chick. Don't abandon your wife and travel out for business.

Most times, she will need you to look into her eyes and tell her how much you have loved her.

Some time she will need you to bath her, scrub her back in the bathroom, message her toes with hot water, and cook with her. Don't abandon her.

7) Do you know that babies eat in the womb as well? When your wife start eating too much don't get mad at her, is part of the pregnancy journey. Most times she will be hungry in the middle of the night, requesting to eat one thing or the other, please don't be angry with her, because is part of the pregnancy journey.

For as many that are married, receive the grace to be with your wives especially during this pregnancy period, in Jesus mighty name.

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