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Chastity Before Marriage Is Not Bad

The vow of chastity is not only religious, but also a cultural issue. In a time, when being chaste was synonymous with honor, but today it seems like a weird situation.

To be chaste at a certain age is suspect and even unimaginable. It is a trivial subject that still persists in churches still. In churches the rule is to be chaste before marriage. It is a religious obligation, whether on the Christian or Muslim side.

Chastity before marriage is forgotten, an old story that we no longer remember. To be chaste was honorable for the parents of a girl in time immemorial.

Do you still remember a chaste adult woman or man in that era? It is rare thing. It is well before marriage and very often in adolescence that the forbidden fruit is eaten. Without moderation, the most important thing is not chastity or even the fact that it is an obligation. The desecration of this subject is undoubtedly there for something.

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