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3 Things You Risk Whenever You Get Intimate With Someone You're Not Married To

We live in a world where immoralities have become the new normal. Young people now engage in pre-marital s*x all in the name of boyfriends and girlfriends. Truly, courtship before marriage has lost its objective as young people now see it as an avenue to engage in s*xual immoralities.

My attention was drawn to this topic and I saw the need to call every young person to order and enlighten them on the things they risk whenever they engage in such exercise outside the context of marriage. Also, this article is geared towards changing the general belief that lovemaking is a normal thing that should exist between friends who are not married.

1. You risk your relationship with God: Anyone who engages in such immorality endangers his/her relationship with God. In 1Corinthians 6:18 - 19, the Bible says, "run from s*xual immoralities, no other sin affects the body as this one does. S*xual sin is a great sin against your own body. Don't you realize your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit?" Let's understand that our relationship with God is something that needs to be protected and maintained.

2. You risk being infected with STDs: It's possible for someone who made love with you without being married to you, to also engage in the same activity with another and there is a high probability of getting infected with STDs from that person. But in marriage, you and your partner own yourselves without a third party, hence, making it safe and free from sin.

3. You risk ruining your reputation. We've seen different cases where people are disgraced publicly for sleeping with someone's partner or daughter. You may not be aware of the person's profile but once you're caught, punishment and disgrace follow suit.

What is the purpose of having a boyfriend or girlfriend then?

This is a fantastic question that I need to throw light on. Well, I must tell you that courtship between a man and woman is to prepare them for marriage and the other way round. During this period, the two parties are supposed to observe each other to confirm if they can live together as a husband and wife. It's not an avenue for immoralities, but a platform for the two adults to know each other before they embark on the tough journey called marriage.

Please, share this article to pass the message around. Thank you.

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