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Husband and wife relationship

4 Things You Should Not Tell People About Your Wife

Some men make it a habit of saying things which should be a secret to outsiders. Others go as far as castigating their wives before friends and strangers not minding the outcome of such act. They fail to realize that saying certain things about their wife can make people lose their respect for her. Here are some things that should remain a secret about your wife.

1) Don't Tell people about your wife's flaws : You should know that both you and your wife are from from different homes and have different upbringings. Even after years in marriage, it is not unusual that you will quarrel on some issues. However, it is wrong to destroy your wife's image in front of your friends by telling them her flaws. Keep it to yourself. Learn to praise your wife always and help her work on her character.

2) Never tell people how she behaves in the bedroom : This is one aspect of your wife's life that even your closest friend should not know about. Never compare your wife with your Ex to your friends. Don't start telling them how she acts during intimacy, it is none of their business. Such should only be said between you and your wife.

3) Don't tell people how much she earns : This is another important aspect that you should not tell your friends. This is because they may instigate you to become jealous or envious of your wife, especially if she is earning more than you and is able to take care of most of the expenses at home.

4) Don't tell people about your wife's pregnancy especially if it's just a few months old. If you must do that, she should be aware. The world is wicked and you don't really know who to trust.

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