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Alopecia patient reveals how she was insulted by other women

Alopecia is a condition which causes hair to fall down in small patches which could then result into hair loss.

As much as this condition doesn't stop one from living a normal life, some people always use this to make jest and abuse alopecia patients.

A social media user has come out to reveal the different kind of abusive names and insults other women called her when she first posted her pictures.

The woman who goes by the name Yvette Sibambo is an alopecia patient and she said a lot of women called her names like Grootman, Bhutiza, Uncle Steve and Shrek when she posted her pictures.

She however ignored all those derogatory words because she knows what she stands for and that she didn't choose alopecia, rather, it's alopecia that chose her.

This is to inform people to stop shaming people of whatever condition they might be going through, it's not right.

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