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Effective Approach to Handle Your Anxiety And Broken Heart in Relationship

In dealing with your anxiety, you will have to pin point those things that sets you on the state of anxiety. It is true that our darkess moment is when we are lost and confused in our deepest thought, but the more we continue to think about a particular thing, the more worried we become. Therefore to deal with such kind of killer state of the mind, we need to totally get rid of it and pretend such thing or such thoughts never come to our minds.

The following is what we should do when we face anxiety.

1. Take a walk a little and let it go off your mind. We often become anxious when we a need arise and sometimes it could be a need to take the right decision or make the right choice when there are several options. Just take a walk and let your blood flow freely.

2. Listen to the best song you love. Listening to music plays a key role in balancing our emotional state. Some even said it is a food for the soul, so play some cool soft song and you can even watch movie, especially the type that makes you laugh that might even made you forget you have not eaten anything that day.

3.If it was about relationship that creates turbulence in you, just forget about that person for a moment and assume you never had anything to do with he or she and the right choice is going reveal itself. There is a saying that the best way to forget someone is to pretend he or she never existed in this world and you never met him or her. So let go of the stressful thought trying to figure out what you should do next and let your blood pressure balance if not you are going to take the wrong decision at that moment.

I hope this has helped someone. Please don't forget to like, comment, follow me for more and shear with your friends. Thanks for taking your time to read through this article.

By Urbane S. Igbongi

Content created and supplied by: Urbane77 (via Opera News )


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