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10 mistakes you should avoid in your relationship.

Imagine been with someone that truly loves you not just your body or the benefits attached to been with you. Imagine them loving your soul and respecting your feelings. 

Imagine someone that wont go to bed without settling the dispute you had earlier. Imagine been with someone that is ready to fight for the relationship. Someone that fears losing you.

Yes, this is all we want in our relationship but you must do the following things to ensure that the relationship that you dream about comes true.

1. Flee from any relationship that gives you more sorrow than joy.

2. Love is compulsory, but been in a relationship is by choice. So never force a relationship.

3. Avoid any relationship that has no direction, purpose or aim.

4. Don't start a relationship with someone who treats like he/she is managing you.

5. Being beautiful and with a sexy shape without a character will not get you a life patner, you will only get a boyfriend or girlfriend..

6. Just because you have HISTORY with someone doesn't mean you have a FUTURE with such a person.

7. Don't start a relationship with someone who insults you and who is hot tempered.

8. Sex can only make a man stay with you over-night but only love can make him stay for life.

9. Never rush into a relationship because you are in haste to get married, you may regret it later.

10. Avoid a relationship that is based on sex alone, it is headed nowhere. If all you do is to sleep with each other instead of discussing trivial matters that will profit both of you then that relationship is a waste of time.

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