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No Guy Should Go Into a Relationship With a Jobless Lady Again. [Opinion]

Since ladies are having a high taste for themselves, I see no reason why guys also should not have an high taste for themselves also, so many ladies out there are not ready to date not to talk of a guy still hustling and trying to make it, we see different comments on how they respond when those guys ask them out, all ladies wants a God fearing Hushpuppi, the truth is 99.9% of all the girls out there want a wealthy guy in their lives but not ready to struggle and make things better with anyone still coming up, the ladies of our generation now sees money before love, fake love everywhere now.

I could remember some years back when a woman shared her Experience about how her and her husband started without nothing and today they are something, just take a look at Bishop Oyedepo and his wife today, was that the way they started. No, but today they are something, but every ladies sees cars,money as a criteria of marriage. And that's the reason we keep hearing of failed marriages everyday.

I wonder why men are also still dating girls without a job, cause if every lady wants a man with a car, house and money, I see no reason a man also should not have that kind expensive taste and pursue a lady with having house, cars and money too. I think it's high time we need to think and make a balance in our generation again.

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