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6 Things you should never do in public.

Sometimes, we can be very forgetful in doing or exhibiting some certain behavior. We are so used to do these things at home that we don't even know when we carry it outside, and thereby embarrassing ourselves and those around us.

I have been able to compile a list of habits that you should avoid in public, for both guys and ladies.

Things you should never do in public.

1.Talk loudly on phones.

This is very common among we Nigerians, as we talk to people on phone as if they are deaf. Even though it is not against the law to tell over the phone, it could get really annoying for people especially when you are in a place like a bank or at the airport. Never talk too loud over the phone so as not to create unwanted attention to yourself.

2.Grooming yourself.

This one can get really annoying. Most times, you often see people walking around with combs in their pockets which they use in combing their hair and grooming themselves in public. Some even walk around with mirrors! All these should be done at the comfort of your home.

3. Yelling at your kids.

For parents, there is one thing you should know: No one cares how you discipline your kids.

Many children learn how to behave themselves in public even without their parents uttering a word. Screaming and yelling at your kids in public indicates weakness and frustration, which might not be a good thing. All discipline should be done in privacy.

You should teach your children how to obey you in and out of the house without you having to tell at them all the time. Secondly, when people see you scold your children in public, they would take the same step and do the same towards them!

4. Putting on makeup

Lady's love looking pretty all the time, and that might make them to painting their faces in public as well. Please never do your cosmetics in public as this might send a wrong impression. When you put on makeup up public, it shows that you are desperate for attention from people, and you can't afford to look look your natural self. Applying of such things should be done in your house.

5. Cough up phlegm loudly.

This is a disgusting act and you should never ever try it in public. There are some people who can't just cover their mouths when the cough, and worse still they cough phlegm (catarrh) loudly to the irritation of others.

6. Fart

Many people find this very offensive, especially the grown-ups. Though sometimes this could be an unintentional act, you should be careful not to do it in a gathering. When you feel like it, just excuse yourself and visit the nearest toilet.

Hope you had a good read. Comment and have your opinion!


Content created and supplied by: GideonOgbike (via Opera News )



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