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Any of these 9 goodnight texts will make a girl feel special tonight.

A text message is one of the most excellent ways of expressing how strongly you feel for someone. However, any of the following texts will make a girl feel the power of your love for her.

(1). Loving you is what I have promised myself without any compromise, I adore you with everything that I have in my heart. good night dear.

(2). You are the sweetest thing that I ever had, you are the kindest person that has ever given me so much without asking anything in return. True love exists, my dear, I have seen it in you, sweet dreams.

(3). If I was to consider anybody in my life, I will make you my number one, if I was to pick from a billion I will pick you my love, the only one that gives me joy. Lovely dreams.

(4). Being content is what makes you feel so fulfilled in love, love they say is blind but I can see through your heart how amazing your love is for me. good night, my sweetheart.

(5). Your look light up my night, your laughter brighten my path, your happiness greatest priority. I love you so much, goodnight my queen.

(6). The happy moment we praise the lord, the sad moment we call him when we find the love of our life, love that we have been searching for we thank him. So I am thanking the Lord for making me yours. Have a good night's sleep my own!

(7). Sometimes your best moment only comes whenever you are with that special person in your life, then you wonder if that person was sent from heaven, my angel you are indeed sent from heaven. Goodnight Baby.

(8). You are the apple of my eyes, the honey in my life, the lioness, the jewel of my heart. good night, my jewel.

(9). You seem so far but in my heart, you always remain, where you truly are, so relax and enjoy your stay. Goodnight!

Text messages enhance the sweetness of a relationship. Put a smile on her face by sending any of the texts to her, tonight.

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