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3 Ways To Know A Wrong Partner At The Beginning Of A Relationship

There are many things that make couples go apart including cheating, lack of communication, lack of trust, lies, addiction and the likes. But the below three things I will be sharing with you soon are paramount that must not be taken for granted at the beginning of any form of relationship.

1. They cheat on you

This is the most annoying and provoking one and shouldn't be condone by anybody. It is advisable you leave immediately as soon as you can because ones caught in that act they will surely want to continue.

2. They always want more sex without intimacy

If the only thing that is keeping you in a relationship is sex then it is better you leave. It is obvious he or she want to keep the relationship going by having regular sex with you. You need to wake up to talk to him or her about it and if nothing can be done to resolve it then you leave peacefully.

3. Your opinion doesn't matter

If at the beginning if the relationship your partner is the only one making decisions on what restaurant to visit date, what theater or movie to watch then there is a problem somewhere. He or she does not value your ideas or opinion. So it is advisable you leave such relationship.

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