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Husband and wife relationship

4 Things a Man Should Have in Place Before Marriage

Marriage is enjoyed best when some certain things are put in place. I believe a man should have some certain things in place before thinking about marriage. If some of these things are absent in a marriage, the marriage might not survive. You don’t need to have everything I will be listing below, having at least half of them will do. If you plan to get married soon, here are some things that should be in place:

1.Stable source of income

Lack of finances has been proven to be one of the major issues marriages don’t last anymore. If your finances are not going well, your marriage will be affected. As a man, having a stable source of income will help your marriage and save you from a lot of embarrassment. If you find it hard to fend for yourself, how will you fend for two people? When children starts to come in, the bills start to go up. Men even find it frustrating when they can’t provide for their family, it stains their ego. When there’s no money in marriage, women tend to change their behavior towards you. Only few women would stay till the end.


Accommodation is an important thing that should be considered if you plan to get married. Remember that the environment your child grows up goes a long way in their lives. You should have plans about where to reside after marriage. I don’t think it makes sense to get married in a room apartment. Some even consider living with their parents but it comes with its own disadvantages and would have some effects on your marriage. You and your wife won’t have enough privacy. Fights between your wife and your mother is usually inevitable. Theses factors should be considered before making the decision.

3. Responsibility

A man who is not responsible to himself won’t be responsible in marriage. Marriages comes with a whole lot of responsibilities. A man who is about to get married should be aware of the weight of what he is about to venture into. This is why you see some men ignore their responsibilities. If you know you are not ready to take these responsibilities, don’t go into marriage.

4. Maturity

A man who wants to venture into marriage should be mature enough. Marriage will put you in some tough spots that only maturity can be used to solve them. Be a man over your marriage. Some men can’t even make a decision all by themselves. 

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