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5 things that would make you very attractive to most ladies

A lot of people think only girls can seduce boys, but it's untrue, I dare say they just don't know how to, but I'm here to help. Seducing a girl is something you do slowly and subtly with little indirect actions, it's like trying to put thread into the eye of a needle, if you rush it, she'd notice you're eager and reject you. But if you do it well, even the girl will thank you. For context, I'd be talking about seducing a girl friend that is in your room. Let's get straight to it.

1. Take Your Bath and wear a roll on : I know this sounds funny, and I also know you bathed in the morning, but trust me, bath. Wash out all the dirt from the day and feel fresh. After bathing, wear mild roll on, or use mild body spray, no perfumes, and especially not on your neck, we don't want to get the neck bitter and salty, we also don't want something harsh. Trust me, smelling nice and fresh is a sure banker, something I can bet on to make an impression.

2. Briefs: Wear clean briefs, nothing else. Not even a singlet. Just wear tight briefs for a while after bathing and walk around in front of her, flaunt that body in front of her. If a woman's bare body can move you, why do you think a man's body can't move a woman? While you're at this, act like you don't know what's happening, you could act like you're looking for a towel to dry off or something, just pay no attention to her. When you're done dress up, but wear something lose and slightly revealing.

3. Talk Less and Listen More: After all that, sit with her and make small talk, talk about random stuff with her, bring up intelligent conversations, and make sure you're not the one doing all the talking. A lot of men get carried away and talk like parrots. Shut up and let her talk about the things she cares about, let her talk about her favourite kinds of movies, songs, genres of books, anything at all. And when you're talking, make sure you're making eye contact but not so much, else she'd feel creeped out. While she's talking, take a break and compliment her, it could be anything at all, but something unique, something she hasn't heard before, you could tell her that you love the way her eyes light up when she's talking about things that she likes, you could also tell her that she has very beautiful fingers, you could mention her outfit,tell her that it matches her skin colour, or that her eyes are beautiful, it could be anything at all, but don't make it just about her physical attributes. Now, giving her a compliment will make her shy or at least conscious because she now knows that you're looking at her. So apologize for interrupting the conversation and carry on with the talking.

4. Make your move: This number is supposed to called touching, but it's not really touching, it's what actually determines what's going to happen next. While you're talking with her and making eye contact, brush her hands at random intervals, and notice how receptive she is of you, if she is receptive and doesn't shrink when you touch her hand, then hold her hand and play with her fingers. You can also ask her if she doesn't mind you holding her hands, remember that consent is sexy. If she isn't receptive and she shrinks, withdraws, changes her mood or position, then ask if you made her uncomfortable, apologize and leave her alone. Also notice how she relates with you, does she hit you lightly while she talks? or she laughs at your lame jokes? All these things could be clues hinting at how receptive she is. if she is receptive enough, and allows you hold her hand, then congrats, welcome to the next level where everything matters. Go back to talking with her and remember to make eye contact without looking creepy. Make sure you're giving her your full attention and that you're actually flowing with the conversation. After a few more minutes, then it's time to break more touch barriers. Stare at her for a while and wipe something imaginary from her face, remember to be soft and gentle about it. Just like that, you've gone into the deeper levels. Once you do this, it's time to leave her alone. stand up and shift away from her while continuing the conversation.

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