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Stop saying i love you everytime, it's odd and boring says these words instead

Love is meant to be a strong feelings of affections in everyways love must be passed from one person to another or from one soul to another,there are so many ways in which love can be shared among humans

Though many of us nowadays do use or say I love you to our partner's though there is nothing bad in telling or texting your partner 'I love you' after conversation on the phone ,but we all need to be more advanced more knowledgeable and more lovely to our loved, because saying a sentence all the time will surely makes you to be boring to him/her..there are cute amd lovely words that are more grammatical than saying I love you everytime.....

1)I cherish you:this can also be used its more lovely

2.My heartbeat for you:saying these only will even makes him/her to think of you everytime

3.I Can't love you less:saying this after conversation with your partner will surely makes him/her to be more happy about you

4.I Adore you

Saying these words are more welcome than saying I love you everytime to your partner.......learning never ends........


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