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I caught my best friend's wife cheating on him, what should I do? (Fiction)

Good day to all my precious readers, thanks for your reading time I hope you've been enjoying my articles. Here I come will another fiction story of how a friend caught is best friend's wife having affairs with another man.

it was a lovely evening a guy name Emmanuel went to have a nice time in a bar on getting to the bar after some while he noticed a lady sitting at the extreme in a sexual act with a guy he tried to look closely and he found out it was his friends wife. He was very surprised to see such thing and was very confused.

He doesn't want his friends wife to be punished, but he feel a level of injustice. He is very loyal to his friend, and his friend's wife has betrayed him to he deepest degree, he said was very upset with her, yet he still don't want her to be punished for this silly act.

The three of them would often spend time together, but anytime they are all together he keep having this feeling to disclose the secret to his friend.

If you where in his shoes what would be your decision, would you tell your friend and allow the girl to be punished for her actions remain silent and let this continue.

To my own honest opinion I feel he should just talk his friends wife about it since he doesn't want to tell his friend so as to avoid conflict between them.

Any wisdom would be welcome.

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