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Divorce Affair

"Men Don't Cheat More Than Women, Women Are Just Smarter Cheats" - Blessing CEO Says

Relationship therapist and expert, Blessing CEO, has taken to her page to state her obvious truth about couples cheating.

No doubt, there is a general stereotype held mostly by women about men, and the stereotype is that men will always cheat in a relationship. How, Blessing CEO had a different opinion to state concerning the supposed misconception.

Blessing CEO was of the opinion that men don't cheat more than women in a relationship; on the contrary, women only happen to be smarter when it comes to them cheating. Blessing CEO wrote:

"Dear men,

We know this game…

Be faithful please"

Blessing CEO further stated in another post, that a man can only cheat on a woman who doesn't pay attention or who pretends not to pay attention. Blessing CEO wrote:

"Women are far smarter than men..

Just chop ur sh*t privately na the smell go make us put mouth oooo."

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