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Here Is What You Should Know About A Promise Ring

I know you must have heard about promise ring. But if you haven't, promise ring is a ring a lover gives to his or her partner as a way to show that they are committed to that partner. That will leave you wondering what would happen if you are not giving a promise ring in a relationship.

Not getting a promise ring from a guy or lady doesn't necessarily means they are not committed. I see the promise ring as a attachment to the word commitment. So instead of leaving it as just word, you give them a ring to prove how serious you are. 

Promise ring is also believed by some people to be a ring that comes before engagement ring. Some people do not really buy the idea, because they view promise ring as a way of holding their partner down with the believe that they may probably leave.

The ladies are the one who receive promise ring the most. And giving a lady a promise ring will truly show how serious you are about her.

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Promise Ring


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