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When is the right time to walk away from a relationship?

Relationships and the commitment mentality attached to it has kept so many people tied down.

You've spent so many years together does not mean you are destined to spend forever together.

There is never really a specific time to walk away from a relationship but there are vital signs you can see and know that yes, you really need to walk away

When being with that person threatens your mental health, when they continuously make you feel inferior and insecure about your own self, when they abuse you emotionally, psychologically, and even worst physically. Please walk away, you are better alive single than a dead spouse.

If you no longer feel love towards your partner or if you grow out of love and can no longer stand your partner please feel free to leave the relationship.

A broken courtship is preferable to a broken marriage, even when at the alter and just when you are about to say yes you start having doubts please pause and think deeply before you take the next steps, and feel free to WALK AWAY!

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