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Divorce Affair

Fiction: I divorced my abusive husband and got married to his best friend

Before I married my husband Steven, he pretended to be a decent, loving man. For reasons I know nothing of, his attitude changed as soon as I tied the knot with him.

On our wedding night, I was hit by him for buying the wrong flavour of the drink he wanted. I assumed it was the stress from the party so I overlooked it. Still, even after that night, I was abused in every way that he could.

I contemplated on whether to report the situation to his family or friends. I did not want to be labelled a terrible wife moreover, I concluded it was too soon. I also did not want to be a divorced woman at the age of twenty-five.

On my way from the mall, I met Steven's best friend Joshua. We greeted each other in such a delightful way, I was invited to lunch. I revealed all the torture I was going through at the hands of his friend. To my surprise, he cried.

He described how his mother also suffered abuse but she died before she had the chance to escape. He got my number. However, both of us became friends. From friends to lovers. I was enrolled In a boxing class by him but I could never bring myself to hit my husband.

Eighteen months later, he proposed. I was still married so I could not accept. I planned to divorce him so I planted cameras in my house. Not before long, I was hit for frying stew on beans instead of palm oil.

With all the evidence I provided, he was arrested and charged to court. After a long battle, the court dissolved our marriage. I married Joshua. I made sure to send my ex pictures of our wedding in jail.

Note: pictures are for illustrative purposes only.

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